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v.0.6.1433 | Food Rations

Moved from here, topic started by SandLover:

Food rations: There are very big gaps between the food ration options. With half ration it is impossible to keep positive morale and a positive coin flow. Double ration consumes crazy amount of food. So with the current build I do not see any other option then 'normal ration'. The other options are a complete no go. If the step size would be smaller there could be more valid options. In my current game I have too much population to feed them 'normal ratio' when I only get 2 livestock in spring. When I switch to half ration I have negative coin flow. So I am forced now to switch between the 2 options. And when I go to bed my feudum is screwed. When I would have the option of, lets say, 3 quarter ration that would give me positive food and coin production while keeping the lads happy.

Hm, I would prefer not giving a dozen options for rations but I agree that their effect on morale seems to be too strong to narrow down one's real options. For that, my idea would be to significantly lower the food ration's effects on morale (since food ration already significantly affects growth ratio). Morale is a bit too fragile at the moment (though with later features there will be at least another 3-4 options to affect them to one direction or the other - but let's stick to what we have today).

So living on half rations, for example, wouldn't have such a devastating effect, even though it would still affect growth rate.

You do not need to add new

You do not need to add new ones. Replacing 'double ration' and 'abundant' with 1.25 and 1.5 times food use and quarter ration with three quarter ration would give you much more solid options to choose from. I'm talking about the current build. I do not know how the future of this game would look like.

Significantly lowering food ration's effects on morale could just make 'half ration' the new 'standard' instead of 'normal ration'. You compare tax rate I need for full rations vs tax rate I need with half rations. Less people paying more tax vs more people paying less tax. If half ration wins we are all going to stick with that and nothing really changes. I think how the morale system works things will always be pretty straight forward.

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