System Update

OCTOBER 02, 2021.

We are going to perform a planned update on October 02, 2021. During the update, we're upgrading both our core services and game servers and we'll also update the client (a new version will be available for download shortly after the update). Please bear with us while the update is in progress.

During the update...

  • You might experience difficulties logging in anywhere (the client included);
  • Our Discord channel, site and other channels and emails will remain unaffacted.

After the update:

  • The client will have some new content and features.
  • Previous client versions will no longer be compatible with the updated system.

If you are a vanguard, please keep an eye on the Vanguard Barracks for further details. If you are not... it might be the time to join! :)

Victory Conditions


Please drop us a mail or reach us on discord or on our forums if you are experiencing issues after the update or use the client's built in bug reporting tool.