Questions and requests for more information regarding the game, the site or the project itself. Hopefully their answers, too. :)

Ask Me Anything!

So I've been answering questions over on our Discord site and thought I'd post the offer here as well.  Do we have any lurkers who want to know something about the game?  Ask me anything!

Mac OS

Hello! How I can play on Mac OS? Maybe someone knows the solution?

iPad version

Hello from Ukraine! I really like art in this game and previously I downloaded Feudums for my iPad. I know it was alpha and you don’t have full version for this moment. But today I try opened Feudums again on my iPad and game don’t work ((( in future you planned launch this game on iPad? will you add cross-platform game?   Thanks you!

Other Game Features

So it occurs to me that there are probably lots of other games out there that you all are currently playing with.  What are some of the best features of those games?  I'm wondering if we could incoporate anything from your favorites into Feudums?  Let's hear about other features in other games that you love.  I'm curious now!

Communication between lords

It will be good to introduce way of communication with other players. Right now I cant find any name of players on the map, its small amount of info about players around me. Its hard to oversee anything in my neighborhood. Hope this will be developed in the future...

Kingdom Crash Down

If anyone conquer your kingdom is players game finished or he continues as vassal of new lord until he find a diplomatic or any other way to independence? This possibility will give new level in game charm... what do you say about this?

About resources production system in Feudums!

- There will be tiles with higher production than others of the same type? For example a silver mine better than another.

- In relation to food (my biggest concern and I think of all the Middle Ages as well) will be different cultures that produce in quantities and different rhythms?

- An enemy will be able to loot my production attacking one of the tiles producers?

- What is the effect of hunger on the peasants? (They die, flee my kingdom or remain with low morale).

Warfare - How it will work the military system Feudum?

- When making a call the fiefdoms of servants to compose the bulk of the army, it will affect the other activities carried out by it? (Agriculture, livestock, mining, etc.).

- What is the development of indicator that will release the different types of military units?

- The seasons affect armies marching? In winter for example?

- Since the battles will be resolved automatically. What will be the algoritomo to conduct combat? It will be based on what? How Commander may strategically affect the performance of his troops in combat?

What other games do you play?

As we wait for the 1.0 release of Feudums, let's discuss some of the other games you play and why you like them. Anyone?

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