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After the migration, every password will be reset so you'll need to update yours (note: we don't and won't store your password). This is completely normal. 

We're posting this notice because you are going to need a valid email address to be able to update your password, so please make it sure your registration email is

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Site Outage - Report

Site Outage Report

New Website

I see the new website has launched.

Looks good - almost if not entirely indetical to the old site :) works for me I'm a creature of habit.

I had to reset my password but that was expected. All seems to have gone very smoothly - well done.


(note by mod: just added 'site' tag)

Platform Online


We have recently finished integrating the Platform to the website so it is now running in sort of a "public beta test" mode. You might experience slowdowns or timeouts for short periods, but otherwise it is expected to be working correctly. 


Site improvements

I had some Ideas on how to improve the Website/Forum to make it more accessible for newcomers and easier to use. Some of them have already been implemented (Thx Mat) but I will still include them for the sake of completeness:


  • A forum that's easier to understand and use. (completed)
    Thx again Mat for fixing this, the new forum structure is a lot better and the Tags will make identifying Phase 1 Topics a lot easier.

Forum Order

A small issue but in long threads it takes a while to scroll down to the bottom to see the latest posts, is it possible to reverse the post order so the most recent is at the top?


Features > Media Coverage

On the features tab if I choose the Media Coverage group I get the following message:

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

Registering - Email address


I just tried to create an account, and it failed as I typed my account name "Wiezy Krwi" and email address (eg
Failure message was that "Wiezy" was not a valid email address.

Possible that there is a bug and all your email addresses are prefixed with the username?

Kind regards,
Wiezy Krwi

Spam / advertisment

I don't know if i am wrong, but there are new posts that are ads ?
I just read a few lines of posts by "nickname-number" ppl and these are quite suspicious (my english isn t good enough to say if these are real ads or not" so i am not sure).


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