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The First Chapter

Ended (Late 2016)

Project Restart

✓ Phase 2 Starts (2017.02) | Blog Post Announcement

Coat of Arms Creator

✓ Released |2017.06.09.| Download

Player Platform

✓ Released  |2017.06.16.| Related Notes

Game Catalog

✓ Released |2018.09.17.| 

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New to Feudums? Get the basics here!


Feudums will offer a unique and realistic approach to warfare.  Let's take a deep dive into the art of war!  

Oath of Fealty

It’s no secret how to claim the crown in Feudums:  You just need to make “friends” the medieval way!

Coat of Arms

In the Middle Ages, a noble’s coat of arms did more than decorate a shield or manor house; it told everyone a story.

Paths to Victory

In FEUDUMS, there is more than one route that leads to victory.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can win the game and lay claim to the crown!

What exactly is a “feudum?”   Any guesses?


“Free to Play” is the infamous monetization black magic of the gaming industry second only to over-priced DLCs. Normally, when you hear this phrase, you run away from the game and never look back. Well, FEUDUMS is Free to Play, and we intend to do it right.