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Incorrectly Generated Coat of Arms

It has came to our attention that about 10% of the Coat of Arms thumbnails are generated incorrectly, with their top and bottom missing. It doesn't seem related to any particular shape or other design setting and we couldn't yet reproduce the issue on our development configs. 

Demolish Building BUG

Because it was my first time playing the game... got a lot of many many mistakes... like repeating builds.. for what I knew in every tile you can build five different buildings which is you can only build one... and when I tried demolish I click demolish 3 times which the first demolish was a success but the two demolish which is in waiting que stayed there for ever which you can't build anymore in that tile...

Some Generic Feedback


A few days back I've stumbled into this game while looking at projects on Kickstarter, and I found it rather interesting, though, I was sad to see the campaing wasn't very successful.

Needless to say, I registered and downloaded the demo, and so here I am with some feedback after a couple of hours playing the game.

World 35 dead

no response from World 35 here - think its dead

Single Feudum Build (v0.6.1444)

World 34

Feudum Summary Card shows the overall income outgoings to feudum - useful for adjusting population alloction to get a balanced economy - is misreporting.
I had assumed this showed the resource change in the last tick. This appears not to be the case. I am consistently seeing 0 iron income (occassionally flicks to 1 with no change by me) yet every tick I see my iron stock going up by 1.
Clicking on the iron tab again shows a zero income. I had hoped this would show all income and outgoings but this shows just the overall income.

Worker Distribution to 100% results display error

"When I set my food production worker distribution to 100% I get a display error on the feudum card showing this line."  (reported by Thraxas here).

Please anyone being able to reproduce this issue (Thraxas included :) ), drop us a line here and also attach a screenshot. We might either misunderstood the issue or cannot reproduce it.

Thank you!


Population Limit *CONFIRMED*

World 28

Level 4 town 300 population
Feudum population limit 180

Mouse Wheel Scroll

I'm pretty sure this one isnt my imagination but does anyone notice than sometimes when using the mouse wheel to scroll in you instead get scrolled out?


Server Lag / World 25 dead?

I'm not sure whats going on but this morning when I go into Feudums I see no world cards to enter. If I click on MMO worlds I see no worlds. If however I click on private worlds then MMO worlds I see unbreakable and world 25.

I can enter world 25 and have put things in build queue but queue isnt moving and resources arnt updating ticker has stopped ticking - I think world is dead.

I can enter world unbreakable - this seems to still be running - I've added to build queues and these seem to count down as expected.



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