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Do not support Feudums if you cannot afford it. But if you can, please consider a monthly pledge.

Monthly support will help us pay the bills, remain independent, speed up development and complete this very unique grand strategy. The game is intended to be free to play and free to win ... but creating it is expensive.

Your pledges will go for game-related outlays, infrastructure costs and the staff's modest expenses, so they can pay their bills and continue working on the project full time.  If we can get to a certain level, we can use the resources to increase our staff in order to speed up development.

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If you haven't already, sign up through the game client (you can always obtain the latest public build here or on Steam) or just here on the website.

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Family Matters

We think we have a handful of great reasons on the pro side, either about the high concept, the market, the team roster or our project's stage. If you are interested in the indie game industry and are willing to invest in our team and vision, please reach out to us through email and we are happy to start a discussion.

We are not looking for being overfunded or to scale up irresponsibly. Investment would be used to grow the team to an ideal size and to ensure a steady development pace. It could make a real difference.

Why support Feudums?

Captain, are they here to save us or to doom us?We have been self-financing our game for years, taking all the initial risks ourselves, to bring the game to its current stage. Sadly, self-financing as our only source has made us extremely vulnerable to external factors such as the recent pandemic. But we are not looking for getting "reimbursed" - with more resources, we could grow and add features at a much higher pace. If you are rooting for Feudums and would be sad to see this game fall victim of the current turmoil, this is the time to show your love to us. There are many ways to help... but you are the secret ingredient for all of them. Without you, none will work!


The Roadmap



The game has already been in the making for years. This means the project has some serious advantages: the game structure that runs in the background is already complete. The MMO ecosystem, the cross-platform game clients, everything we need for the game to tick are working. Technical difficulties and challenges that could have endangered the project are solved and gone. Our sturdy, core team has been working together for years.

Now we are ready to fill in our game content. We have many items completed, but we still have got a lot left to do - and that is why we need your support. You can see our roadmap on the right.

We listen to you!

Your feedback is very important to us and there is always a poll for confirming the next item on our roadmap. If you've already played the latest demos, we encourage you to take a moment and tell us which set of features you would like to see next! The current poll is available here
  1.  Coat of Arms Creator allows players to create their House Standard and to derive personal Coat of Arms for their noblemen with unprecedented details. 
  2.  Unified Player Platform allows players to use the same account across the game's different domains, like the website and the client, with a unified communication, authentication and authorization system. 
  3. ✔ Game Catalog provides the persistent, cloud-based game servers and their supervisor logic that can run multiple game instances, all using their own rulebooks and settings in parallel, as well as establishes the fundamental core of rich modding and our game world generation system. 
  4.  Online Client further enriches and ties all the parts of the client and server ecosystems, brings seasonal progress to the games and adds the ability to show the game map and to process the tick updates from the game server.
  5.  Feudum Sims Light adds the ability for the players to start playing on MMO game worlds, try the basics of the game's economy system under different rulebook settings, as well as our new labourer system and the tasks of feudum management. Also meet the World Market where prices are driven by the players' actual demands and make your bids for uncontested regions. 
  6.  BALANCE FIXES  - Warfare allows players to resolve their disputes by other means; to gather armies - lances or mercenaries -, attack other players or just sack and pillage for glory. Includes Fog of War, multi-phase and multi-tick battles, reinforcement, unit traits (called Edges), attrition and morale. 
  7.  NEXT Voted by our community as next milestone: Diplomacy includes major elements such as Player to Player trading, in-game messaging, diplomatic treaties, and the world chat. Once finished, this build allow players to interact with other players, sign various diplomatic treaties, begin trading and issue advanced invitations for others to join their game, preferably on their side.
  8. Petty Kingdoms allows players to assume control over multiple feudums, extend their rule and bid for uncontested regions. It'll also add the ability tto create specialized regions in a dominion.
  9. Vassalage allows players to build their own feudal society, found their own realm and promote members to specific roles, or invite others as vassals.
  10. Total War adds the ability to expand one's territory with cold iron: to lay siege on fortifications and settlements and capture tiles or feudums from others. It'll also include the ability to draw war plans directly on your map to share with others.
  11. Backgrounds brings the RPG Elements, Achievements, Starting and Unlockable Traits and Drawbacks for both the Noble Houses and the noblemen.
  12. Workshop presents integrated support (like tools, editors and additional resources) for modders and modding.
  13. Lore adds global and local events as well as a tutorial missions.