Suggestions about the game or the project.

Messenger system

I have not played this game yet, so keep in mind guys that I didnt check all features so I am maybe missing something.
My suggestion would be if we want this game to be 100% realistic, to use pigeons as messengers like they have been used in mediveal times.
How would this work:
So if there is Player 1 and he writes message to Player 2, message travels there for some time, lets say 4 min per tile.

Site improvements

I had some Ideas on how to improve the Website/Forum to make it more accessible for newcomers and easier to use. Some of them have already been implemented (Thx Mat) but I will still include them for the sake of completeness:


  • A forum that's easier to understand and use. (completed)
    Thx again Mat for fixing this, the new forum structure is a lot better and the Tags will make identifying Phase 1 Topics a lot easier.

Small suggestion

Great game, I am looking forward to play the full version, finally a game that I can expand my territories on a big map that is visible to everyone.

I know there would be reset and time limit in each game, which is fine, but may I suggest a persistent game mode that will not reset, it could be a social game for city building or socializing, or a hardcore mode that runs like Travian or Tribal wars 2,(without pay to win)


I want to restart the game. How to do it?

Happiness and taxes

So here's an exploit with the way population happiness works and an idea I have how to fix it.
Currently you can lower your taxes so that your population's happiness goes up to 100% . Then you just up your taxes to normal and the happiness stays at 100% indefinitely, unless you increase taxes again.
Here's 2 ways I think this system can be improved:

changing tax or food rations outside building queue

At the moment when changing my taxes food rations or labor Work priorities you create a new task in the building queue which is really unintuitive and annoying.

This is not only annoying because you waste a lot of time and potential resources waiting for your order to be executed, it can actually fuck your economy up in a lot of ways.

v.0.6.1433 | Food Rations

Moved from here, topic started by SandLover:

v0.6.1433 | Feudum Commands not to be tied to a hex

No way to change build order - problematic as tax changes are on the central hex I cant force a tax change while waiting for a city to finish building without cancelling the build. Tax changes etc imo should not be tied to a hex.

- Thraxas on this topic)

Forum Order

A small issue but in long threads it takes a while to scroll down to the bottom to see the latest posts, is it possible to reverse the post order so the most recent is at the top?



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