About Feudums

Feudums follows the story of your aspiring Noble House through the arc of games, from gaining rulership over your first, tiny feudum, onto your epic journey to forge your legacy in a medieval realm being ripped apart by political intrigue.

For the Kingdom!

Feudums is all about the vibe and feel for epic medieval strategy game campaigns, with writing, game design, visuals and music all serving a single purpose: to present a unique and unforgettable tale shared between the players every time they dive into the game's world.

Inspired by the strong vibe of 90's classic Amiga/C64 games like Defender of the Crown and Lords of the Realm, the cool story-driven-sandbox style of Mount & Blade games, the great grand strategy mixture of Crusader Kings and the diplomatic and intrigue aspects of fan-favorite novels like Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice).

Feudums is strictly free to win. No small print. You may pay for unlocking certain game options (ie... buying premium campaigns / stories, accessing editors or starting private games - yet to be exactly defined), but no game-impacting features will be ever locked behind a paywall. In MMO games, the only thing you can pay for are cosmetic-only upgrades. It's still cool to have a unique Coat-of-Arms though! :)

    Key Features

    A blended Strategy & Role-Playing experience

    • Experience feudal nobility's life on a grand scale in a 4X grand strategy setting.
    • Forge your legacy and lore by building your Noble House through the arc of games.
    • Carve your kingdoms through diplomacy and gather vassals through Feudums' unique vassal system, then stake your claims and make your moves by intrigue and warfare.
    • Choose your path to victory... then adapt and change in the middle of the game through the flexible Victory Conditions. 

    A game scalable to your needs

    • Play in MMO mode and shape a world's history with tens of thousands of others. Enjoy classic skirmish or story-driven multiplayer sessions with your friends. Or dive into single-player campaigns and sandbox games on your own.
    • Play either casually or as a hardcore, find - or alter - your place easily through the unique vassal system that blends differences between players and make everyone equally useful for a feudal community.
    • Balance between co-op and competitive gameplay elements as your mood indicates.

    ...and much more

    • Join your friend anytime! Feudums' one-of-a-kind vassal system provides a superior method to play with people from your social media contact lists. Friends can join a running game as your vassal, earning a part of your lands in return for a pledge to aid you in game. This allows newcomers to have an immediate impact, sided with their friends - without upsetting game balance.
    • Colorful, Indie-inspired art & music.
    • Designed with Modding in mind.
    • For Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Playable on a wide assortment of platforms makes it easy to keep up with your story.
    • Already Greenlit, so Steam support will eventually happen.


    Did you enjoy what you just read?  Do you think Feudums has potential? Are you willing to help us?

    The game is intended to be free to play and free to win, but creating it is expensive. Please help us ensure we can remain independent and complete this very unique grand strategy MMO. 

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