Phase 1

Topics related to the Phase 1 (Proof of Concept) development.

Development Phase 1 is over. We are now in Phase 2. 

Stability Update - 0.7.1504

Release Notes - 0.7.1504

We've recently updated all clients with some stability improvements. Mac and Windows versions are available for download. Tablet versions will propagate to their respective stores in a couple days. We recommend updating your clients to the latest version.

Single Feudum Build - 0.6.1470

Changelist for 0.6.1470


Display / GUI / Server stability Fixes

World Settings

World #32, World #33

Smaller tweaks compared to the previous ruleset:

Tweaking Game Balance

Moved topic from here.


Hi there,

as hinted previously, and as a response to SandLover's request: we can, and are happy to start worlds on different settings. Actually, we have over a hundred parameters to set for each world, so there are plenty of room for tweaking (and for game balance to.... well, get inbalanced) so we are prepared to do it. For that, all we need is a lot of input from our community.

Bug Reporting Guides

Please post any new bug in separate topics under the Bug Reports / Recent Build main thread.

Thank you!


What just happened? Check here to find out what's going on!

Just a quick note...we found a glitch in our ruleset and had to reset the game world. Things like this are bound to happen but we apologize for any inconvenience. I am hopeful that some of the bug issues that have been reported maybe now will be fixed. Cross your fingers!

Labor work priorities

How does it work?
I make changes but nothing happes...
someone can help me?

How to play?

Hello everyone , I recently downloaded this game that in the video looks beautiful . Unfortunately I can not understand how to play . There is a world (World 61 ) to which it is forbidden access to me . Then there are the maps to be created. I've got create one but now what? I do not understand much .... help please !

Building Suggestion

in the building que for every tile you set 5 where you can build it.... first I suggest a decline build for example if you accidentally click build farm and then the next que is demolish or any thing I suggest for example you want to stop the demolish remove the qued demolish from that tile....

Demolish Building BUG

Because it was my first time playing the game... got a lot of many many mistakes... like repeating builds.. for what I knew in every tile you can build five different buildings which is you can only build one... and when I tried demolish I click demolish 3 times which the first demolish was a success but the two demolish which is in waiting que stayed there for ever which you can't build anymore in that tile...


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