Phase 2

The topic belongs to Phase 2.

A Guide to 0.4.1759 (Public Economy Demo)

A small guide and some tips & tricks about the current demo.

Valid for version 0.4.1759.

Incorrectly Generated Coat of Arms

It has came to our attention that about 10% of the Coat of Arms thumbnails are generated incorrectly, with their top and bottom missing. It doesn't seem related to any particular shape or other design setting and we couldn't yet reproduce the issue on our development configs. 

Exclusive Achievements / Content Packages

We have set two exclusive non-game achievements to start giving away some of the perks we've promised to Vanguards and Early Backers. For the moment, they are coming with extra heraldic devices, and in the future, additional extra cosmetics and non-game features will be added this way.

Below is a roughly accurate list of what you shall unlock with the packages:


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