System Update on Feb 6

It's been a while since we posted the last development blog update; mostly, because we were already utilizing (too?) many communication channels and we couldn't find a real purpose for the blog.

Now there will be some slight changes. To make our somewhat chaotic communication a bit better structured, further maintenance and update notices will be posted on the dev blog. Links or references might also appear on social channels when needed (pointing to the appropriate blog entries), but this will be the prime source to check for scheduled updates or maintenances.


  • We will continue to post (mostly) bi-weekly development status updates for our vanguard community in their Vanguard Barracks area.
  • We'll post a news article whenever we're hitting a milestone.
  • Other contents might just appear chaotically and in total randomness on any channel. :)



February 6, 2020.

I take on the opportunity to put up a notice that there will be a planned, system-wide update on February 6, 2020. During the update, we're adding new features to the site, our backend infrastructure and the client (there will be a new version available for download shortly after the update). Please bear with us while we're trying not to accidentally destroy everything while performing this multi-step update.

During the update...

  • the Site might go into maintenance mode for periods;
  • You might experience difficulties logging in anywhere (the client included);
  • the current client version will no longer be compatible with the updated system.

After the update:

  • Your site profile should be updated
  • Many things in our backend will be updated, added or fixed. Most importantly, the live environment will be properly set up to host and administer game sessions.
  • The client will have some new content, will now have some limited audio and will receive lots of fixes.

The client still won't bring playable contents... yet, but with this update, we're just preparing every bits of the system for such an update. 

We'll post a reply to this post once the update is complete.


Please drop us a mail or reach us on discord or on our forums if you are experiencing issues after the update. If applicable, please don't forget to copy / screenshot the exact error (especially if there is an error code). If the issue has happened in the game client, don't forget that it has a Bug Reporting feature. 


Systems and site are upgraded and everything is expected to work correctly.

Upon trying to use our old client, it should automatically ask you to download a newer one (and it shall provide you a link to the download page of the specific platform). An updated client will be uploaded in the next ~24 hours. both our download storage and indiedb (as a backup). You can find the links to both on our Download page. 

Sorry for the slight delay. We've added two musical tracks (as samples) to the build as compensation. One can be familiar to the oldest members from our Phase 1 battles, while the other is completely new - and takes a pretty different path. Hope you'll enjoy it!