You can download and play the game for absolutely free on as many of your devices as you wish (your account will be persistent through your devices). Check our Roadmap if you're unsure whether the current development build might fit your taste.

     By downloading or using any version (build) of Feudums, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our EULA.

    FEUDUMS is in "Very Early" Access. Releases are limited and allow only a preview of specific features (check our roadmap for more details). While we're doing our best to ship stable previews, don't be surprised to find a few things buggy. These releases are not meant to be played as a final game, but to present you the opportunity to check on these ideas and give your feedback in time on them, should we return to the drawing board. If pre-EA games are not your cup of tea, it is totally fine. Please bear with us until we ship a more or less feature-complete public beta.


    Install Notes

    Download the latest version. For extra security, check if the checksum (SHA) of the downloaded file and the one linked here are the same to verify that the downloaded file is both complete and unmodified. Unzip and simply launch the game (make it sure that the .exe & its internet access is not blocked by the firewall). Note that you will need to create an account and set a unique Coat of Arms before you could join to a game. Enjoy! :)

    Latest Milestone Builds

     #15 Stable   Latest Mandatory  Warfare - Border Frictions, March Update Version: 0.5.2572, Public Release on 17.03.2023

    This update includes a number of bugfixes, UX refinements, and at this time, we focused on some economy-related QoL upgrades, including a new feature, Automatic Trading, so feudums can now trade even in their player's absence. This will hopefully make it much harder for a player to go into a resource shortage spiral while away from the game, even if they experience sudden resource fluctuations due to feudum upgrades or raiders.

    This is the new minimum client version to play on the worlds.
     Windows 64bit 

    Release Notes

    Auto Trade Layout  Warfare - First Look. Splitting a small GarrisonAging Tiles  Company Card

    Download directly from us:

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    indieDB (latest download):

    Feudums 0.5.2572 Standalone


    Older Releases


    #14 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, Quality of Life Patch 5, February Update Version: 0.5.2522, Public Release on 21.02.2023
    Release Notes   Windows 64bit 
    #13 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, Quality of Life Patch 4 Version: 0.5.2417, Public Release on 15.12.2022
    Release Notes   Windows 64bit 
    #12 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, Quality of Life Patch 3 Version: 0.5.2400, Public Release on 07.12.2022
     Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
    #11 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, Quality of Life Patch 2 Version: 0.5.2390, Public Release on 02.12.2022
    Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
     #10 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, Quality of Life Patch 1 Version: 0.5.2286, Public Release on 13.10.2022
    Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
     #9 Stable  Warfare - Border Frictions, First Look Version: 0.5.2155, Public Release on 23.07.2022
    Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
     #8 Stable  Feudum Simulator Light 1.1  Version: 0.4.1848, Public Release on 02.10.2021
     Release Notes  Windows 64bit    Windows 32bit 
     #7 Stable  Feudum Simulator Light Public Preview RC2 Version: 0.4.1759, Public Release on 15.05.2021
    Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
     #6 Stable  Feudum Simulator Light Preview Patched #2.1 Version: 0.4.1695, Public Release on 01.04.2021
    Release Notes   Windows 64bit 
     #5 Stable  Feudum Simulator Light Preview Patched #1 Version: 0.4.1648, Public Release on 06.03.2021
    Release Notes    Windows 64bit 
    #4 Stable   Feudum Simulator Light Preview Version: 0.4.1640, Public Release on 03.03.2021
    Release Notes     Windows 64bit 
     #3 Stable  System Online Preview 2 Version:, Public Release on 07.02.2020
    Release Notes  Windows 64bit 
     #2 Stable  System Online Preview Version:, Public Release on 30.06.2019
     Release Notes    Windows 64bit    Windows 32bit 
     #1 Stable  Coat of Arms Creator Preview Version:, Public Release on 10.06.2017
    Release Notes    Windows 64bit    Windows 32bit 

    Early Access platforms are priorized based on your feedback to the platform poll.


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