Feudums Project - Core Members





Mátyás Surányi (Mat)

Responsibilities: He is the creator of Feudums and does the core design, client programming, user experience, writing and project leading.

Matyas is married, with two great kids. He lives in Hungary, a small country in the European Union. His first computer was a Commodore 64 around '89, followed by an Amiga 500 in the middle '90s. At the end of the 20th century, he was the builder of a roleplaying MUSH - the archetype of later MMORPGs. He has been creating game prototypes ever since he could write and draw.

In computer games, he has a strong preference for turn-based strategies and fast-paced tactical simulations and he is also a keen tabletop player. Leading a small team, he won an MMO Strategy game a few years back that lasted... three or so years... by following a strategy that every pro player had previously considered unwinnable.

As a professional coder, software architect and IT entrepreneur, Matyas has over 15 years of experience gained through working for international corporations, distinguished technology specialists and a few startups as well as founding his own business in 2010. He is a worshipper of efficient and well established team-work.




Mark Elliott

Responsibilities: PR, Press Contact, Marketing, Community Serving & Social Channels. If you're happy with us and you've easily learned everything you wanted about the project, he is doing a good job. If you're supporting us, he's eligible for a bonus!

While he was born in the heart of farm county (Iowa), he currently resides in the huge metropolitan area of Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas , and considers himself a honorary Texan even though he refuses to wear a 10-gallon cowboy hat! 

Mark came of age during the Atari/Commodore years and was on the forefront of the computer age with his Commodore 64 and Defender of the Crown game.  He was an early user of BBS boards and despite learning pascal in college (as a substitute for a math requirement) ended up studying journalism.  He met Mat as a member of Mat's winning MMO team and fostered a friendship that is still going strong.

He is a fan of MMO fantasy games (was one of the first players in World of Warcraft) and real-time strategy games.    


Sándor Debreczeni

Responsibilities: Game & Concept Artist, 2D in-game art & paintings, animations

Sándor (not to be confused with Sandor Clegane!) is a seasoned veteran in the indie gaming industry and a master of turning our wild requests into beautiful and colorful art with true passion. He lives in Transsylvania, Romania.

He has worked on several indie projects in the past, from graphic novels to tabletop, card- and computer games. He has a truly remarkable and diverse working history - like, he actually painted frescoes for temples in the historical cities of Tasnád, Turc and Nagyvárad for six years!

 Production Partners

Instait Logo

Instait Solutions

A small tech company located in the European Union, with a handful of seasoned IT professionals, and a reputation of a reliable and knowledgeable solution provider for difficult, time- and/or business critical situations. Normally working on business solutions rather than in the indie gaming industry, Instait joined the Feudums Project as a development partner, offering much-needed specialists and resources for the project. Their responsibility lies mostly in server development, but will cover other development needs too.

Other Project Collaborators

Arkiture (Game Music)

Mátyás Varga (Game SFX) |

James Braithwaite (Video Editing)

Phase-1 collaborators

People, who at some point were part of the Feudums Brotherhood and participated in delivering our Phase 1 results (PoC, Map Editor, Alpha Demo) back in late 2015 and 2016. Thank you for all your efforts, ladies and gentlemen!

Derek (2Pence) (Platform Development)

Tibor Vizer (Server Development)

Gerry (Client Development)

Antti Martikainen (Trailer Music)

Em (Content Editing)

William Francis (Paintings)

Paperfellow (PoC graphics)

The Vanguard

Last but definitely not least - people listed here are our earliest and/or most generous supporters to date. They gave and still give us strength and inspiration through our most difficult times. All hail to you, ladies and gentlemen! Long may your banners flutter in the wind!




Sir Seko,




Russel Birchall,


Sir Hightower