Mátyás Surányi (Mat)
Game Design, Coding



István Láposi (Steve)
Coding, DevOps

Pro Helvetia

A father of two great kids, he is also a Microsoft Innovation Awardee and co-creator of the two biggest Hungarian RPG MUSHes (the precursor of roleplay in CRPGs). Forever strategy game- and former RPG nerd, and hobbist systems designer since the C64 era. He is also geeky enough to have won a browser-based MMO strategy game that lasted 3 years (in real time).

With over two decades of extensive B2B experience in IT development and a track record of successful time- and business critical projects, he brings a structured and rational approach to his passion - game development.

Istvan started working in B2B IT services more than 15 years ago, and followed Matyas to game development a few years back. As an expert in server-side development, devops and scalability, and as a born problem analyst, he strengthens critical skill areas in the project.

Little more is known about Steve's past but the word  "Starcraft" and various MMOs are mysteriously popping up on multiple occasions.

The Vanguard

Old Guard Icon


  • BarcaS the Noble,
  • Skabold the Generous,
  • PerservaGames the Bold, 
  • ALargeFallingAnvil, the Pretender High King
  • Scont the Advisor, 
  • Sir Seko
  • Exiation94 the Loyal

Old Guards: 

  • void420 the Lionheart,
  • Thraxas the First Vanguard, 
  • Namakwalan,
  • Fruziek (Krzysztof Sz.),
  • Xavier E.,
  • Nyx,
  • Akaidus, 
  • Dukes;


  • Russel Birchall,
  • VRBones,
  • James Wallis,
  • SandLover,
  • Mythox, 
  • sjohund,
  • Hightower,
  • Toast, 
  • Olorin,
  • Koltira,
  • GGotti,
  • Halbarad,
  • Jeremy Johnson,
  • Ronan, 
  • Driaan K. (Arvoras) 
  • Aggamemnon


  • Douketios,
  • Matthew J.



SandorSándor Debreczeni
Graphic Artist

Alex (Gamburger)Alex Kozuboskiy
Music Composer

Sándor (Alex) is a seasoned veteran in the indie gaming industry and a master of turning our wild requests into beautiful and colorful art with true passion. He lives in Tasnád, in beautiful Transsylvania, Romania. Sándor is a seasoned veteran and a traditional artist. He has worked on several indie projects in the past, from graphic novels to tabletop, CCG- and computer games.

On top of his indie-related achievements, he has a truly remarkable and diverse working history - like, he actually painted frescoes for temples in the historical cities of Tasnád, Turc and Nagyvárad for six years!

Joining the team in 2023, Alex (29) comes from the era when the PS1 was a big deal but PS2 and XBox were about to make their debut on the stage. Always interested in games, he later grew a passion for music production, which is why he decided to study at the University of Arts and graduated as a sound director.

He  started his professional journey in 2015 and since then he has worked with live bands, indie/rap artists, travel blogs and various live shows. Eventually he started honing his composing skills and have been involved in few projects. For him, every new project is a unique opportunity for growth.

MarkMark Elliott
Community / Socials

  • James Braithwaite (Trailers),
  • Andrew LiVecchi (Ballad & Additional Seasonal Music)


Prototype Contributors

  • Antti Martikainen (Prototype Trailer Music), 
  • Tara Savannah Read ("Arkiture") (Prototype Music Composer), 
  • Mátyás Varga  (Prototype Sound Fx), 
  • Emily Chiang (Content Editing), 
  • Paperfellow  (Prototype Arts / Concept Artist), 
  • William Francis (Prototype Artwork & Paintings).
  • 2 Pence Studio

Born in the heart of America's farm country (Iowa), Mark now calls the huge metropolitan area of Houston, Texas, home. He considers himself a honorary Texan although he refuses to wear the traditional 10-gallon cowboy hat! 

Mark came of age during the Atari / Commodore years and was on the forefront of the computer age with his Commodore 64 and Defender of the Crown game.  He was an early user of BBS boards and kept IT close through his college years (he even learned Pascal as a substitute for a math requirement)  while earning his degree in journalism. As a member of Mat's winning MMO team at one point, they fostered a friendship that is still going strong. He is a fan of MMO fantasy games (was one of the first players in World of Warcraft) and real-time strategies.