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Tweaking Game Balance

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Hi there,

as hinted previously, and as a response to SandLover's request: we can, and are happy to start worlds on different settings. Actually, we have over a hundred parameters to set for each world, so there are plenty of room for tweaking (and for game balance to.... well, get inbalanced) so we are prepared to do it. For that, all we need is a lot of input from our community.

Happiness and taxes

So here's an exploit with the way population happiness works and an idea I have how to fix it.
Currently you can lower your taxes so that your population's happiness goes up to 100% . Then you just up your taxes to normal and the happiness stays at 100% indefinitely, unless you increase taxes again.
Here's 2 ways I think this system can be improved:

changing tax or food rations outside building queue

At the moment when changing my taxes food rations or labor Work priorities you create a new task in the building queue which is really unintuitive and annoying.

This is not only annoying because you waste a lot of time and potential resources waiting for your order to be executed, it can actually fuck your economy up in a lot of ways.

Difference between the first gamer's choice and the crap

What is the difference between crap and the success? Well, seems to me that balance in management is not achieved and who knows how many days will pass until the aim is achieved.

v0.6.1433 | Morale

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v.0.6.1433 | Food Rations

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v0.6.1433 | Feudum Commands not to be tied to a hex

No way to change build order - problematic as tax changes are on the central hex I cant force a tax change while waiting for a city to finish building without cancelling the build. Tax changes etc imo should not be tied to a hex.

- Thraxas on this topic)

v0.6.1433 | Generic Discussion

Please pass along your thoughts and ideas here in this thread. Bug reporting should use the appropriate thread so we can keep like items together. Thank you!


There is an option to demolish buildings with some resources given back, but there should be an option of demolishing fast without any return of resources - like immediate demolish. Dont you think so?

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