Single Feudum Build - 0.6.1470

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Single Feudum Build - 0.6.1470

Changelist for 0.6.1470


Display / GUI / Server stability Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Worlds list from being updated when there was an ended world in the list.
  • Potential Display issue with quickly opening and closing dialog boxes fixed
  • Occasional Hang ups on the server side has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that was the route cause of “Known Issue: Map disappearing on update”.
  • Map is now correctly updating whenever a new player has joined.
  • Selection ring is now correctly updated when clicked on a feudum through the Feudum buttons
  • Auto center animation upon logging in wouldn’t work properly and would be too long on bigger maps - removed. It should now just center on your home region instantly.
  • Upgrade and downgrade hints for settlements and castles now working properly
  • Action Toggles are no longer “jammed” after opening a Dialog.
  • Fixed a display issue making Efficiency modifier on Labor Assignments dialog not being refreshed correctly.
  • Fixed a display issue which caused Growth Rate and Morale modifiers on the Food Ration dialog to appear incorrectly.
  • ...Other smaller stability or layout bugfixes

Game Logic Fixes

  • Negative Livestock.  The bug that was causing zombie cows has been fixed.
  • Players now allowed to set labor assignments in ticks (turns)
  • Excess workers will still report to required work even if players set threshold to zero percent (0% means no required minimums, not that they don't have to work if all the other minimums are met).
  • Server now correctly updates default labor priorities for Seasons
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NOTE ABOUT 0.7.1493We've

NOTE ABOUT 0.7.1493

We've recently released a new build for the Stable branch. It doesn't have new game functions compared to 0.6.1470, but it is also available on Linux and Android (you can get both through our download section).

For Windows and Mac, 0.7.1493 can also offer stability improvements, better handling of touch inputs (if applicable) and hopefully comes with a more optimized memory footprint - so it may worth updating even if it's not mandatory.

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downloaded, logged in, made some changes to my feudums. works a treat

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