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Other Game Features

So it occurs to me that there are probably lots of other games out there that you all are currently playing with.  What are some of the best features of those games?  I'm wondering if we could incoporate anything from your favorites into Feudums?  Let's hear about other features in other games that you love.  I'm curious now!

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Dominion 4

Dominion 4 is another game I play that I think I've mentioned on these forums before. Its a single player or online game, turn based, fantasy genre, world dominion by domino effect taking control of territories. Actually the point is that each player is a god and your trying to spread the dominion of that god through the world so you can win if the whole world follows your god irrespective of the secular administration.
The UI is horrid - nothing like Feudums (which is beautiful) and far too complex for novices to get into - but being really very complex has a wealth of features that could be incorporated.

One of the features that can be used is to blood sacrifice your own population to spread influence to neighbouring territories - the idea is that rather than conquering a neighbouring territory you create a religious revolt so the population and any army there overthrow their leaders and defect to you.

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Hi Thraxas!I must say I find

Hi Thraxas!

I must say I find it hard to believe people would feel the urge to defect to someone who is going to ritually sacrifice them too at some point... ;)

But the main idea (persuading somone else's settlement or castle to defect to you, or at least to revolt against their former lord or to support your armies when they enter the lands -  by using covert ops or propaganda) sounds like something we could probably add to the game.

It's definitely an interesting idea.




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