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New Website

I see the new website has launched.

Looks good - almost if not entirely indetical to the old site :) works for me I'm a creature of habit.

I had to reset my password but that was expected. All seems to have gone very smoothly - well done.


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Thank you! 

Thank you! 

The site - as a layout engine and/or web skin - is actually the same, on that matter, we have only made stability fixes. It should be a bit faster and more reliable, but otherwise, no changes were made on the layout.

The change happened behind the curtains, by removing all, non strictly site-related logic, processing and data management from the site and now being provided by our Platform (all user authentication & authorization logic included). This means that your user data, permissions, etc. are now totally independent from the site and as such, can be used by our game client through an optimized API.

So the site is now just a shell - it's only responsibility is to display web contents and provide a forum. Everything else - the brain job - happens on the Platform.

So yes, this has been an architectural change where success is inversely proportional to how much you notice it. :) 

I hope this will be a rather smooth experience for everyone.


Dear All,

we've recently promoted our full SSL update to the site. This change is for your protection and security.

This means that all communication between the site and your browser is now forced to happen through a secure https connection - same as what happens between every other participant of this ecosystem. Https has been optional for a while, but "always on" behavior is now also in effect, so any non-https request will be also automatically promoted to https.

So here is the catch. Turning https "always on" comes with a - normal - side effect: you have to re-login, as http sessions on the server are now invalidated. Other than that, everything should just work.


We've done our best to change every setting, recursively update old content and test the whole thing in our dev environment before promoting these changes to the live site, but bugs are excellent at being sneaky, so should you encounter any issue, please kindly report it so we can get it fixed. Thank you!

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