Make sure your registration email is valid!

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Make sure your registration email is valid!

Important Notice

After the migration, every password will be reset so you'll need to update yours (note: we don't and won't store your password). This is completely normal. 

We're posting this notice because you are going to need a valid email address to be able to update your password, so please make it sure your registration email is

  1. set correctly and
  2. still accessible to you.

You can check it by logging in and simply checking your profile. You can also update it on your profile should you need it.

If you couldn't update your profile in time, and we're migrating your account without a working email address, please contact us via e-mail and we'll help you sort out the problem.

Thank you!

Hi all! How to start playing?

Hi all! How to start playing?

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Thank you Cobraster for the question.  Actually, right now, there isn't a way to play.  We had a playable demo out at one point, but pulled it back in to re-tool it and make it a lot better.  Unforunately, then things got weird.  The whole team came down with illnesses that we are just getting over.   I believe we will all be back in action starting this week and holefully have some good news for our fans really really really soon!  So continue to check in here for the latest.


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