Exclusive Achievements / Content Packages

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Exclusive Achievements / Content Packages

We have set two exclusive non-game achievements to start giving away some of the perks we've promised to Vanguards and Early Backers. For the moment, they are coming with extra heraldic devices, and in the future, additional extra cosmetics and non-game features will be added this way.

Below is a roughly accurate list of what you shall unlock with the packages:


  • Comes with the Anvil, Pegasus Courant, Talbot Courant, Unicorn Courant, Enfield Courant, Fox Courant, Goat Courant charges; 
  • the Badge shape; 
  • all partition line variations for Bar Gemel, Bend and Chevron ordinaries,
  • the tinctures of Crimson, Murrey, Sanguine;
  • the Golden shade for metallic edges and materials and an additional Feature variation.


Old Guard 

Old Guard
  • Comes with the Alphyn, Amphisbaene, Bagwyn, Bear Rampant, Calopus, Cockatrice, Double Headed Eagle variations (2 pieces), Dragon head, Eagle variations (2 pieces), Enfield, Escarbuncle, Falcon variations, Goat head variations, Griffin, Lion variations (7 pieces), Pen, Pillar, Rose, Tiger variations (2 pieces), Unicorn, and an additional Wolf variation charges;
  • the Continental and Edged shapes;
  • all partition line variations for Barry of Six, Chief, Fess, Pile, Tierced-in-Pall and Saltire ordinaries. The full set of Pale and Pale Inverted,  Party Per Bend Sinister, Party Per Chevron and Party Per Fess, and the Canton, Chape-Ploye, Chequy, Fusily, Gyronny of Eight ordinaries;
  • the tinctures of Aquamarine, Amaranth, Brunatre, Copper, Eisenfarbe (Iron), Ochre, Or, Orange, Rose, and White.
  • and the alternate (shiny) metal material.


Thank you for your support! :)


If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Old Guard or a member of our Vanguard troop, the door to those opportunities will open again soon!  Watch this site for more details.  We're working hard to get you a game and most of the non-game related stuff is being moved to the back burner but, at some point, we'll have opportunities to donate to Feudums through Patreon or via purchases here on this site.  If you're interested in becoming a Vanguard, all that's required is that you are active on the forums, in our Discord channel or on our various social channels.  We need our Vanguards to lead our efforts to get the word out to others that might enjoy Feudums!