TOTAL WAR BATTLES KINGDOM (experience advice)

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TOTAL WAR BATTLES KINGDOM (experience advice)

Hi guys,
I have been absent for a while because my friends and I have been tested (and played) Total War Battles Kingdom. I just wanted to say, in name of several players who played this game, that you (feudum developers) DO NOT follow this matrix. Simply, the game I have mentioned is rubbish!!! Some guys found the way to rob but not to motivate and delight players. Why? Simply, if you do not get some gold which is payed with real cash, you wont manage to be strong enough to survive. Except beautiful 3D models, the game misses the point of gaming - functional model that works. We have been playing board games, computer games, paintball games...and always there was something in the game but it WAS NOT the package. Gaming must be acceptable. Did they ever asked themselves, why the most popular games DO NOT have all attributes fulfilled? Some have good graphics, some have good music, some have something else but...good games or better to say successful games have atmosphere...something called MORE THEN A GAME! Western world was always losing a point of game development - IDEA! In the title of this game is word BATTLE. Why did they put it there we do not understand because the battle is the worst part of entire game. So much confusion, some units attacking while others suffering under rain of arrows unable to charge. Introduction of some skills too funny and in a short run but very costly to develop. Principles of warfare introduced in the manner who has more gains more...etc...etc...could discuss like this until next day...useless speech I say!

So, to conclude, my dear lords of feudums, be your own, keep on pushing hard in the manner you have promised. If you decide to not obey promised principles you will end as TWBK will. Trust me, I know dozen games that have much more followers and their budget is 10 times less then TWBK. Money is not everything...its like a little howl, just swing and the night...

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Thanks for the vote of confidence! We promise we are still committed to making the best possible FTP and FTW game we can. If we are ever faced with a tough choice, we'll always err on the side of the players.

That said, we're kind of slowing down right now as we continue to look for some funding. Please hang tight with us, continue to play test the demo so we can get your feedback, and sometime in the near future, we'll introduce the voting process for all of you to direct our future builds.

In the meantime (here in the States), I'm going to get back to my long holiday weekend and the official start of summer! :)

Enjoy summer vacation. Here

Enjoy summer vacation. Here in Europe we are still waiting for summer. Too much rain here. We are lucky these days was quite nice. Playing basketball and biking all day long (if we can, depending if we have boss, wife or children). LOL

I have decided to open my heart because for a long time I am buying titles of Total War, since first was created. Also I have participated in modding of 2D versions when we introduced some new units using legendary Paint De Luxe!!! We made 2D emulation of unit bitmaps over 3D terrain. Those were days my friend!!!

When I noticed your effort I was glad someone shown up with good idea. So, anyway I have decided if no one ever make game as my high standards are telling me has to be done - I will! Till that day come, lets be silent and scream sometimes... Aaaaaaaa (sometimes)

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(fyi, I removed the

(fyi, I removed the accidental doubles of your post)

I'm also a 'retired' TW gamer - I had my best times with Medieval I-II, Rome I-II and Shogun I-II and I also played Empire/Napoleon, but the brand lost its appeal to me a few years ago as it seemed to be completely locked into the very same formula for many years now - and with the limited features of the battle and campaign AIs, its just got boring for me. I saw they just recently launched both Kingdoms and Warhammer, but honestly, couldn't find the fire in myself to even try either of them.

But so far I know Elliott is still a big fan of the series, so I hope he may start feeding me with feedback if he finds valuable things in them (and I urge any player to do the same in the appropriate topics!) :)


don't know why theses duplicates happened, please clean the rest. My apologize, it must be some bug here.
Also, I share your thoughts. TW is changing unit models and terrain, nothing else. That's why we "modders" call them vanilla. Probably everyone have found that modded versions are better playable then vanilla versions which are sterile. Simply, there is no challenge, matrix of success is the same, no charm, no fury, no energy at all. Like in realtime strategies - make the critical mass and win as brutal force. If history looked like this, there will be no chivalry, knights and traits...boring...

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