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Small suggestion

Great game, I am looking forward to play the full version, finally a game that I can expand my territories on a big map that is visible to everyone.

I know there would be reset and time limit in each game, which is fine, but may I suggest a persistent game mode that will not reset, it could be a social game for city building or socializing, or a hardcore mode that runs like Travian or Tribal wars 2,(without pay to win)

In this persistent world, player are free to play it or not, achievement, perks, victory point earned in other competitive game may have impact in this persistent world, similar to the household concept.

Another suggestion is about the player's title, when creating new account, player should warn beforehand that a title will be added to the player's name in game. I am currently Lord Lord_Catland in game, which is odd and I wish to delete the ''Lord' in my user name., haha

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Actually, the map won't

Actually, the map won't remain fully visible forever - it currently is because both armies and diplomatic stances are yet to be implemented and it would be quite boring not to see anything but your own tiles (and their neighbors). Once these parts are added, Fog of War will be enabled  (the world remains completely shared / persistent, but you have to put some work into seeing map parts outside of your area of control).

Having a definite ending criteria system is part of the concept, and I think is a pretty important one for competitive games. I don't think we'll have worlds without an end date, but we'll both have slower and very long worlds (smilar to TW worlds - just with clear victory conditions right from the very first second). Also, private worlds will be available on demand. There, you can set your own timeframe and goals to create a sandbox-like environment (hosted by our servers) for either yourself or your friends.

Your idea is cool, and is partly approachable if you play a couple worlds for certain (different) achievements - as through dynastic achievements, your Noble House can benefit from all of them. If we add a way to "reform" your in-game avatar in the middle of a running game world (and we're thinking about it), you could actually use those earnings to support a "main world" of your choice right at the moment you earned a new perk in another.

I hear you about the naming issue and you're right. We're going to fix it. On the other side, altering your display name will be an option in the future.

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