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About new buildings

You must add some info about pros and cons for each building we erect. If I need 8-30 turns to demolish building which brings me problems and I have no info about consequences before building then we have a problem, right?

Example, I have only 80 people and I build a fort that demands 50 to serve then I am in big problem, also gold is wasted by each turn of game.

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you're right, we're lagging behind to provide more hints; but typically that's the last thing an Early Access build would get (as that means less features, and Early Access is mostly for testing features). That being said, we'll start to update the in-game descriptions and hints starting from the next build - a few cards at a time.

In the meantime, buildings and their primary functions are discussed in some articles. I'll ask Mark (Elliott) to make an article or a forum post where he sums up the basic info from the previous articles, which can describe the very basics until every info gets properly uploaded into the client.

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