Warfare - How it will work the military system Feudum?

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Warfare - How it will work the military system Feudum?

- When making a call the fiefdoms of servants to compose the bulk of the army, it will affect the other activities carried out by it? (Agriculture, livestock, mining, etc.).

- What is the development of indicator that will release the different types of military units?

- The seasons affect armies marching? In winter for example?

- Since the battles will be resolved automatically. What will be the algoritomo to conduct combat? It will be based on what? How Commander may strategically affect the performance of his troops in combat?

- The troops have moral? The moral will be subject to that?

- Allied troops may act together in the same battle? Or on opposite sides (treason)!

I think it already is enough !! =)

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Hightower's Q1 and Q2 Answer

Armies are made up of two types of units - Lances (Levy soldiers) and Squads. Squads are your professional and mercenary units while Lances are a team of 8-20 men led by a knight or man-at-arms with varying degrees of weapon and armor quality. Lances include serfs who are called up from their other duties which definitely will be curtailed while they are gone. These troops will automatically disband after a certain amount of time to help out back home. If the unit is lost, that part of the population is also lost putting things like food production at risk.

To start, there will be 18 distinct military units - 9 Lances and 9 Squads. Lances include troops such as rural and urban militia while Squad units are more specialized - archers, light calvary, or heavy infantry for three examples.

Some warfare changes are being considered as part of our future development. We will have stretch goals in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign to add more units, give a little more control over battles and allow some troop customization.

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Hightower's Q3, Q4 and Q5 Answer

Winter is going to be nasty in Feudums. If you haven't read the article on winter yet, please do so. It will answer a lot of your questions regarding the seasons. Specifically, winter will make armies move slower, fight longer, and die in larger numbers if you should find yourself in a winter campaign. In addition, you'll pay more in upkeep too. Makes a great argument not to fight in the cold. Only the strongest - or most desperate - lord will try.

The algorithm for battles is still being perfected and will need to be tweaked during the beta. In general, I can say that luck will have a very limited role; units have edges that gives them boosts against certain other unit types, in certain battle phases (as battles can last several turns) or on certain terrains. It has a rock-paper-scissor kind of element but on multiple levels.

Players can also tweak (to some extent) how their military companies should behave - such as to automatically evade battles against superior forces or to automatically engage anything to slow them down.

Troops will have a morale setting that will be taken into effect in the battle.

One of the best features of the warfare build will be the war-planning tool being devised. It will allow all players in an alliance to draw up their plans in game and share them with all the participants. Everyone will know what each unit is doing - including acting together in a battle. Of course, if there is a spy in your midst, even the best laid plans can go awry.

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