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Create a Victory Condition Contest

Do you dream of being a game designer?  Do you just know you could do a better job than the yahoos making games now?

Well, here's your chance! 

If you think you have a cool idea for a Feudums Victory Condition, we'd like to hear it? For any suggestion that sounds great that we can implement without game balance issues, we’ll give you credit and in-game rewards.

Please leave your idea here in this forum! Be creative! 

See the related article "Paths to Victory" for the victory conditions which are currently going be used. 

(Contest runs through March 2016.  Judges are the Feudums development team)

Victory Condition - Strategic Location Victory

Perhaps rather than a whole map domination or highest score victory there could be strategic points of interest on the map that should be the object of the game.
The winner / winning team is that that either is :
- first to hold all strategic points
- holds most at the end of a timed session
- has held for the longest period of time over a timed game

This next bit may make it too complex but it could be extended:
This could be continuous - after a timed period (say 1 day) theres a mini-victory, points and rewards given, the strategic points move randomly and starts a new mini-contest for the next mini-victory.
At the end of several time periods (say 1 week) theres an overall grand-victory for the winner of the most mini-victories.

Strategic Location Victory... a good starting idea. My concern is the placement of these key locations. On an MMO world distances can be quite big (consider that it can be 1000x1000 tiles), and it's not like everyone is starting in the two sides or four corners and we can just put the key location at the middle - like in a quick-paced, "seize the map" kind of RTS.

So as a first thought, I think it could only work on maps with special rules for player placement (and likely fit better for classic multiplayer game worlds).

If I remove the necessity of fixed locations, however, it can transform into some kind of a wonder victory, where a player can create a key location on their own land and as long as they hold it, they receive some kind of a victory score / virtue boost. If they can score a certain amount, they win. If the wonder is destroyed, he should build another to continue the progress.

(can also work as a team condition if a small group of allies - or a liege and their vassals count as a team and their wonders add up for the victory scores)

thanks for the reply.

thanks for the reply.
I guess its kind of hard to work out whether a victory condition could be feasible without playing the game. The wonder idea sounds nice.

You should plan to have two

You should plan to have two goals - primary and secondary. Primary can be achieved in strategic way - conquer something in amount or eliminate someone or something like that. Secondary can be to make a faction of n kingdoms in total power of something (soldiers, gold, castles, whatever). Also, create relationship with n kingdoms - by marriage, diplomacy or other skills.

Primary goal drives to victory directly but secondary brings benefits or some specials, can happen more then one time in a game.

I have a good news :)


have you checked our Paths to Victory article yet? :)

Unless I miss a point, I think Victory Conditions would be your Primary and Dynastic Goals and Challenges the Secondary goals - so the good news is, this idea is already covered and the game will favour a very similar system. If I got it wrong, please give me a short explanation on the differences so we can talk about it. :)

Did anyone win yet?

Did anyone win this contest yet? I'm assuming you had other entries not in this thread.

Contest Runs Thru 3/31

No winner yet as the contest is still running (for a couple more days). WYSIWYG as far as entries.

Theres not been a new

Theres not been a new suggestion for a while so heres another to try and restart the ball rolling.

How about a Euphoria victory condition.
After certain prerequisits have been met (e.g. build a walled city, recruit 2 vassles, have an army of a certain size, have a population of a certain size) then 100% happiness must be maintained for e.g. 50 ticks. Presumably high army size / being successfully attacked / having food stolen would reduce happiness therefore other players have a way of trying to prevent another player winning while trying to achieve the same themselves.


Contest Extension Announced

This is not an April Fool's Day joke! Our Create Your Own Victory Condition Contest will continue for two more weeks (until the end of the day on Saturday 4/16 to be exact). Where are all you budding game designers? We know there has to be more ideas than what we have seen so far! So put on those thinking caps, mess around in the latest build, and give some thought to how YOU would like to see your house reign supreme!

Can I have more than one Entry?

My previous suggestion could be see as perhaps too fluffy - lets all get along and be friends - lets make our people happy, engender a sense of euphoria and bring the land to a state of Nirvana - as a counterpoint perhaps this might work:

Plague of Evil Victory

ok so this is a 4X strategy game.
The 4th X is eXterminate

How about a victory condition that is to eXterminate a given number of enemy units - not worrying about domination, nor winning every battle nor even being most powerful but just simply for killing the most enemy (other players) units. The player here is motivated by the desire to spread evil throughout the realm by creating a plague of death and destruction across the whole land that will never be forgotton. Kill kill and kill some more til theres a pool of blood that leaks across the hexes ...

Cheerily yours :), happy Monday all,


Congratulations to Thraxas

You're the winner of our Name Your Own Victory Contest! I know Mat is looking at a way to incorporate your Strategic Location Victory into the game - it will almost be certain to land in the single and multi-player versions. Thanks for the submissions!

Wow Thanks!

Yay Me!

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