Worker Distribution to 100% results display error

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Worker Distribution to 100% results display error

"When I set my food production worker distribution to 100% I get a display error on the feudum card showing this line."  (reported by Thraxas here).

Please anyone being able to reproduce this issue (Thraxas included :) ), drop us a line here and also attach a screenshot. We might either misunderstood the issue or cannot reproduce it.

Thank you!


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Not seen since #22(?ish?)

Not seen since #22(?ish?)
This was when field labour was the bottom row of the left hand side tile summarising the feudum and food production was set to 100%. the 100% text on the right seemed to shift so that only the 1 of the 100% was visible.

When this happened I was playing around with different window sizings so perhaps related to that. I've tried to recreate but have not been able to. I dont have a screenshot but will take one if I can make happen again.

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