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Village Upgrade

How to do it? I chose an option "Small Town", but where's progress? I see icon, but it marked with "pause".
P.S. Is there any "how to" manual? Many features is complete myst for me.

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Upgrade Progess

Hey Clavius,

Please watch this short tutorial video:

You can also read this short article on how to get started. At the end, there is a listing of the most commonly used icons.

If you have started to build a new or larger settlement (or whatever) and you notice that production has halted, more than likely you no longer have the necessary materials needed to finish it. Check out the different conversations here in the forums area for additional game play hints and suggestions.

The majority of our development team is still off line at the moment. We're working hard to get everything lined back up again so we can hit the ground running soon! Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for answer! I deal

Thank you for answer! I deal with those difficulties, one thing that stopped me was "send command to server" button. :) All other feachures did not cause difficulties.
In current mode and state game is pretty interesting, there are no such MMO-games.

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