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v0.6.1433 | Morale

Moved from here, topic started by SandLover:

When your morale is going up is will keep going up, when it is going down it keeps going down. This means you will move morale to 100% and then choose the tax setting that gives the smallest positive boost (18% tax, normal food rations gives +0.02% per turn). Negative morale will push you into a downward spiral because your people will become less and less productive in time. Wouldn't it be better that morale moves to a certain percentage at certain settings. For example 15% tax + normal food rations equals 60% happiness. Is your current happiness lower it will slowly increase to that point, when it's higher it will slowly decrease to that point. This would create a much more fun and dynamic system. And it will also be a lot harder to determine how to run your feudum as optimal as possible. Using my current game situation described in the food rations part as an example: When I set food rations to 'half ration' and tax to 4% I have positive food and coin flow. But morale is going down -0.36% per tick. But it will go down forever. If it would move to 70% morale and stick there that could be a viable option for me to choose.

If my understanding is correct, the main issue you explained is the "boundless" directional path (to one direction) of any morale change, so once set, you can just leave it and it'll eventually either falls to 0 or reach 100.

And your idea is to define a "reference point" for morale if various prequisites are met and letting it fluctuate around it, but making it sure it'll always attempt to return to the reference point while the prequisites are true.

If that's the idea, I very much like it! My only concern is the system's difficulty (and the increased difficulty to balance it out when linked to all the other systems). If players don't understand it's rules or we can't explain it on a screen easy enough, they won't see the system behind it and call it chaotic and/or useless. And it's a bit more complex and unpredictable than a pretty linear increase or decrease with a constant speed :) How would you present this info to players?

Others reading this idea - what would you think of such a system?


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I like it

When I saw this comment initially, I really thought it was a great one. I think the idea of a ceiling or floor cap for different combinations of things makes sense although I understand Mat's concern about its implementation and how to explain it.

I'm not sure if that will

I'm not sure if that will make it difficult. You will still see if your morale is going up or going down. You just don't know to what point it will move. But you could reveal that number to the player when changing food rate, tax or any other stuff that might change morale.

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Completely agree with the

Completely agree with the difficulty of morale either cycling up or spiralling down endlessly.

e.g. If I set a tax rate of 18% I get +0.1% per tick which over time will eventually lead to 100% morale - feudum wide euphoria. However if I set a tax rate of 19% I get -0.1% per tick which over time will eventually lead to 0% morale and complete revolt.

The 1% difference is marginal and yes might upset some more people but shouldnt be enough to make such a difference.

I would rather the change was proporitional to a calculated outcome e.g. 19% tax (with other settings in place lowers morale towards 40% morale - so if you're 90% morale you might get -5% on the next tick but if you're at 45% morale you'd only see -0.2% then at 40% morale you'd see no change each tick.
Conversely 18% tax would raise morale towards a fixed point - say 55%.

To put it in a different way.

To put it in a different way. With the current system it is just as easy/hard to maintain a 100% morale then it is to keep a 70% or 50% (or any other number) morale. So you always go for 100%, end of story.

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