Summer Downtime

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Summer Downtime

Greetings everyone from the scorching city of Dallas!

Ever since the failure of our Kickstarter, the 2Pence team has been out searching for additional investment money for the Feudums project.

The good news is we may have found some; the bad news is, to get it, we need to do some reorganization and get to the point where all parties agree on the road forward.

We're aware of the many problems of the project, and we've had some major disagreements of late internally about how to deal with them and how to move forward with the project as a whole. As a group (2Pence crew and private investors), we are sitting down, discussing possible solutions, and drawing up a road map. Once we're done, we hope to have a good plan to be more reliable, more transparent, and deliver updates more regularly. This requires dealing with a couple of issues and our team setup and responsibilities - so we once again ask for your patience.

So while you may not see anything new get released in the next few weeks, rest assured, we are still working behind the scenes. Hang tight!

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Hanging Tight

Hanging Tight here - keeping the faith.

Best of Luck guys!

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