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Resource Income

I think the way resource income is supposed to work is that some terrain / buildings / tax provide income (Positive Modifiers) and buildings / population require upkeep (Negative Modifiers).
When you click on a resource icon it shows the summary of these incomes and outgoings and the change last tick.

If this is right then my income appears broken / bugged:

I have the following values over a tick (these are fairly consistent)

Wood :
Stock before tick: 1005
Modifiers : -1(-2+1)
Stock after tick: 1006

Stock before tick: 212
Modifiers : -1(-2+1)
Stock after tick: 212

Stock before tick: 899
Modifiers : -1(-2+1)
Stock after tick: 899

Stock before tick: 46
Modifiers : +15(0+15)
Stock after tick: 52

Stock before tick: 8271
Modifiers : -5(-10+5)
Stock after tick: 8276

As well as not adding up I think I should probably be seeing food income from farms and given to population to eat, and coin income from tax (although this is set to 0% atm when previously set higher didnt display)


Resource counters are

Resource counters are completely bugged. Not only do the numbers not make any sense like you describe. Letting my people work in the woods does not increase my wood income. Increasing population does not decrease food income. I'm building my third city now. My food stock is increasing about as fast as it did with only one city and two extra farms.

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Confirmed bug #1:

Modifiers on a tile only show terrain yields and upkeep at the moment while they are supposed to show modifiers from the following sources: 

  1. Terrain type yields 
  2. If there is an improvement (building):
    • basic tile improvement yields
    • upkeep costs of the tile improvement
  3. If population is present (in case of a Settlement):
    • the local tax
  4. If workers are present:
    • yields from labor work

All inputs are altered by the population's efficiency, which is derived from their morale. It's usually 100% unless there is a very low or very high morale, in which case it goes below or rise above 100%.

Labor work might be seasonal - like tending of livestock or crops - or all-seasons, like woodcutting or mining. So workers might or might not produce yields based on the current season and their type of work.

Confirmed bug #2:

The top badges (your treasury) shows incomplete aggregated views. It does only show basic yields and tax where it should have all incomes and expenses (should currently match with a feudum total, since you have a single feudum and no other incomes or expenses).


(both are currently being fixed)

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Agree, too many bugs still

Agree, too many bugs still present...

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Move to : Version 0.6.1257 Bugs

Perhaps this should be moved to : Version 0.6.1257 Bugs thread

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