Read First: Bug Reporting

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Read First: Bug Reporting

Dear Community,


first of all, thanks for reporting a bug! It's always welcome.

I assumed it can't hurt to give my 2 pence about bug reporting.

  1. Don't be afraid to post anything you find.
    If you are unsure whether its a bug or a mistake on your part, well, always just assume its a bug. :) Don't worry about being wrong. You can't be. If it's a bug, it'll be fixed. If it's not a bug, then additional hints will be provided (the game lacks most in-game hints so it's our mistake too anyway).
  2. It can't hurt us to get it from multiple sources.
    Even if someone has already reported an issue, please, consider adding a note to that particular report and letting us know that you've also encountered with the issue. Especially if it doesn't seem to happen all the time, as then it can help us to determine it's frequency and severity.
  3. Have a say!
    Feel free to add some notes about the severity of the issues (how critical it is for your subjective gaming experience). It's your ticket to have a say in priorities. Also, you're more than encouraged to tell us how you'd expect that particular thing to work (if it's not painfully obvious).
  4. Any detail can help us.
    Please try to give us some basic info regarding the expected issues. Which build did you use? On which platform? How did you (most likely) get into the reported bug?
    Please attach a screenshot if you can! A picture is worth a thousand words.


A sidenote: we know that using the forum as a bug reporting tool most likely isn't the most efficient way to do this, especially if we get a LOT of feedback, but it's hopefully easy enough to use on your side for now.


Thank you!