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What is the plan for the kickstarter?

Asking for 70000$ is pretty insane considering how niche this game is. I really like the idea behind this game, but I highly doubt that the kickstarter will have success. Is there a plan B if the kickstarter fails? Is there a plan about how to prevent the kickstarter from failing?

I would really like to play the finished version of this game at some point and it would be really sad if this game were to fail like so many others...

Unfortunately I cant back this project financially at the moment, so Id really like to know if there is any other way to help out ^^

Best of luck with this project,


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Great Question(s)

Hey scont, I appreciate the comment/questions. Yes, $70K is a lot to ask, but it is the full amount of what we think it will take to finish the game. We originally had planned to ask for a smaller amount but our KS representative suggested we go for the whole amount so we wouldn't have to come back and do another round of crowd funding to actually get us where we need to be. We figured this was the more honest and open approach.

During the first part of development, we used private and personal funds to get us to where we are now. We were hoping to finish the project with KS funds, but failing that, chances are we'll have to limp along at a slower pace using pledges that come in via our own Support Us page - which should be up and running anytime.

We actually consider our worst enemy -> low visibility. Like you, we feel Feudums has the potential to be a truly great game, but we're struggling to find any mass media sites to cover our development. It's hard as an Indie to get their attention especially if your game idea is complex. Most probably feel we can't do it, and that's part of the reason why we took a build by build approach and created the preview demo.

So if I could ask one thing from you (and every other person reading this) - spread the news about Feudums far and wide. At this point, your conversations about Feudums on every site you visit is worth more to us than a few dollars put into the KS campaign (although if you can do both, that would be fantastic!)

Help us spread the word. Talk about Feudums on other sites (in appropriate areas of course - no spamming), direct players to take a look at us, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. The more people we can get to follow us, the better off we'll be in the long run. Over at Greenlight, we're doing a great job pulling in YES votes. According to our data, we're doing better on average than the Top 50 games. So people will like us if they can find us!

So again, the best thing you can do short of giving us money is to spread some hype about the game. Invite everyone and anyone you know personally or via the web, to check us out and follow us.

Thank you for the detailed

Thank you for the detailed response ^^

I will try to help this game get noticed though Im not sure how much I will accomplish.

I still dont think the kickstarter will succeed but tbh. if you are going to continue working on the game I dont really mind. Getting crowdfunded is incredibly hard and only works if a game gets a huge amount of press coverage and already has an established community. Just take your time and create a great game ;D

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