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I do not understand the meaning of a lot of icons in the game. A description of them when hoovering over an icon would be nice. Or maybe a small video of someone explaining what every icon does in the game.


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I agree!

I agree with you, Sandlover. A lot of those buttons are for future builds but it would be nice to see what each means. I'll put something together. Great suggestion!

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technically speaking, hover isn't a real option for us (at least alone) as hovering isn't really available on touch screens, and half our platforms are tablets. We're however working on a light-weight hint system that could show help/hint texts on a kind of context-sensitive way (similar to how hovering works in traditional applications or on the web).

We are also trying to find out the right balance between standard briefs/descriptions on panels (as several people have never actually read the hints in the Map Creator either :)) and bite-size hints that appear on-demand. Any particular suggestion on how you'd imagine it would be the most useful is very welcome.

All those icons confuse me,

All those icons confuse me, how do I press the " win game" button

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