Early Access Single Feudum Management Build Find a Needle in the Haystack Contest

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Early Access Single Feudum Management Build Find a Needle in the Haystack Contest

We're going to test your ability to find a needle in the proverbial haystack! We left a test function in the latest build. If you can find it and correctly post what it is here in this thread, we'll let you choose the starting ground rules for the next world we open up. Want more resources at the beginning. Sure. Less resources. Whatever you want. Want 10-minute ticks or 1-minute ticks. Your choice. So start playing around with the build and see if you can figure out what we left behind. The winner sets the ground rules for the next payable test MMO world!

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Needle in a Haystack

Have I found a needle in a haystack? No, I'm pretty sure I havent.

Do I have an opinion on the next starting ground rules? Of course I do!

Testing and trying stuff out with a 2 minute tick might make the game feel close to how it will be played when fully live but is frustrating for testing / trialling features and trying to work out how to make the game work. Right at the moment I could happily live with a 10s tick and a game that lasts 1 day. Then I could try out most features in a couple of hour long slots rather than having to keep checking back throughout several days.

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Have I found the needle?

Have I found the needle? I'm not sure but while play testing I've been looking - I've tried all the ways I can think to access menus / hidden menus / consoles or to modify details of the landscape or my resources through some testing function - I've come up blank.

The only thing I can think of is that its really quite a little thing that is difficult to miss. Perhaps on the notification messages when you cant build further you get a message like : "Not enough resources. on [46:46]"
Given that there is no other reference to grid references perhaps this grid reference in the notification is the needle?

If not this then maybe a feature we didnt realise was a test function ... can you let us know what the test function was yet?


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Lord Lorem Ipsum II

Just a thought but is the 'needle' test feature related to:

Lord Lorem Ipsum II The Gentle
House Two-Pence
Whatevershire Longname


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