Demolish Building BUG

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Demolish Building BUG

Because it was my first time playing the game... got a lot of many many mistakes... like repeating builds.. for what I knew in every tile you can build five different buildings which is you can only build one... and when I tried demolish I click demolish 3 times which the first demolish was a success but the two demolish which is in waiting que stayed there for ever which you can't build anymore in that tile...

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Hm. It should be working for

Hm. It should be working for months - we'll look into it.
Try to remove the jammed commands by long pressing the item (just don't forget to send in the update)

Yup it did work

Sorry Didn't knew about it but I accidentally found it using right click by dragging and when I drop the drag suddenly it's gone.. but thanks for the info anyway as I can't find any guides....

I would want to suggest also if you can put a description for more help to the users... for example the fief?? and so on... as I what I know it is still not available to produce soldiers or troops as I tried too but demolish the building as I found it not useful where no soldiers can be recruited.... as Land is more needed to support the upkeeps for high level buildings....

and one morething the moral is not working for the castle/barracks where you can produce soldiers... and also the es....building the one that gives fief and virtue.... no moral increase also...


Additional Suggestion if possible

as for the tile it seems the boosts are just a small mini boost which are permanent... for example if I build farmland on the grassland tile and another farmland on the plain tile... where the bonus for the plain is plus one food and the grass land is 3 food, and they are the maximum value I think which depends on the moral or population I don't know... the problem is the two farm land built in different tiles produce same outcome if same workers are available to that farm land... where the benefit of building farmland to a grass vs a farmland to a plain is no longer there.. and how much more if there will be a river to the tile... but didn't experience river so I don't know about the river bonus...

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