Army construction

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Army construction

Do I understand it right, there's no such thing yet?

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Unfortunately it's correct.

We've had quite a few issues with keeping our development schedules, so while we originally wanted to include armies by now, it's still missing. We're in the middle of changing a few things which we hope could solve our development problems.

No problems, I'm

No problems, I'm understanding you as indie-developer, so just asking to be sure. :)

News about the army

News about the army costruction?

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Nothing New to Report

We're still in a reset mode. Right now, we are still working on the legal stuff as we get our new investors situated and our team changes made. Please bear with us. It shouldn't be too much longer now.

We hope you can bring the

We hope you can bring the fighting as quickly as possible . At some point , a medieval game without war , it gets boring .

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Believe me, we're all on board that line of thinking! ;)

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