0.6.1257 | Getting Started (by Thraxas)

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0.6.1257 | Getting Started (by Thraxas)

Very much enjoying playing around with the early release version of Feudums. While very nicely finished I did however find it quite difficult to work out the mechanics so I thought I'd note down a few things that I think I've worked out. Perhaps others might like to correct me where I'm wrong or add to it.

The commercial build beta maps can be found under the MMO maps.
While you can create a land on any map you can only build stuff if there are 'ticks' remaining (if there are no ticks left the game is over).

When you start you are given 8 hexes - you currently have no way to extend this to additional hexes.

Each hex has a terrain type, this will determine the basic resource income from that hex and the buildings that can built in that hex.
If you build one type of building you cannot also build another type of building, although some buildings can be upgraded. If you try and build a 2nd type of building in a hex the first gets destroyed.

Woods, Swamp and Water allow no building
Hills: farm, village, palisade, mine, quarry, ecclesiastical fief
Plains: farm, village, palisade, ecclesiastical fief
Mountains: mine, quarry, ecclesiastical fief

village can be upgraded through a number of steps to a city
palisade can be upgraded thrugh a number of steps to a castle
ecclesiatical fief - ?no idea - not built one yet?

There are 5 resource types: gold, wood, flour, stone, iron
In addition villiages / cities provide population

Each building requires resource to build and maintain it
Farms provide flour
Mines provide iron
Quarries provide stone

Building / destroying buildings take a number of ticks, this is the countdown timer at the top of the screen. At the end of a tick any commands you've set are sent to the server. You can force a command to be sent to the server by clicking the cloud button. (This appears quite buggy atm - items will disappear from the build queue / not be added unexpectedly then occasionally reappear - seems to work best if you send a set of commands then wait for them all to finish i.e. when building a farm which takes 16 ticks wait for all 16 ticks to pass the the farm to complete before submitting any new commands).

If you have no flour left all building will stop.

There are seasons these last 25 ticks each
Farms produce no food in winter.
Farms plant crops each tick during spring if they have population allocated.

Gold is generated through taxation. Taxation and a number of other global settings (e.g. how much food to give you population) can be changed by clicking on your feudum symbol

Population grows if there is sufficient space in any village / city you have and the existing population is well fed.

Population happiness appears to be stuck on 'revolting' presumably high food, low tax and ecclesiatical fiefs is supposed to improve this

There are additional - ?possibly map filter icons? that appear if you click on a hex for a second time - I cant make these perform any function but suspect they will make different details (dis)appear on the main display.

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Thraxas - you outdid yourself with this summary. But I wanted to stop by and fix / clarify a couple of things.

- Farms don't provide "flour" but food. (but only because they also supply meat) :)

- Mines can provide iron or coins (currently bugged, so you can't switch at the moment, but you'll be able to switch back and forth eventually)

- Farms also produce livestock (herds) in the background. This is considered food and during off planting times (especially winter), will add additional food into your warehouse. Currently bugged. Will talk more about it once it's fixed.

- Basic tile yields are granted during each tick.

- Farms do not produce crops in winter is true, but only because no crops have a harvest period in winter. They produce (crop) food in their harvest periods. They do produce some livestock food in the winter months. I'm working on a longer article to cover food production...hopefully it will answer everyone's questions!

- "Farms plant crops each tick during spring if they have population allocated." Close but it's actually more specific than that. Farms plant crops in seeding periods (there are two from each crop period as there are two crop types - Winter and Spring)

- All improvements only deliver anything if there are workers assigned.

- Taxation and a number of other global settings (e.g. how much food to give you population) can be changed by clicking on your feudum symbol is true .... if you replace "global" with "feudum." Two feudums can have different settings (coming next with the multiple feudums management build)

-"If you have no flour left all building will stop." Not technically true. A building won't finish if there is not enough resources in the last tick. In that case, it keeps postponed until it is canceled ( which again is currently bugged) or you have enough resources. Some buildings require food, so there is a link, but not with all of them.

-Your people "revolting" is a display bug. The actual mechanics are working fine in the background (else your population wouldn't grow). This will definitely be fixed in the next build.

Overall, very impressive! Please keep sharing their thoughts, tips and insights!


Regarding population mechanic. It's not just a "revolting" display bug. There is actually something wrong with the mechanic, or possibly it is not fully implemented.

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I've made the topic sticky.

Thanks for the work you've put into this, hope you'll be able to keep it updated :).

If you need any help or clarification on anything, let me or Elliott know!

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Added a reference to the

Added a reference to the version in the title and removed stickiness, as some of these info are now obsolete.

I would be really thankful both mine and in the name of any new player for a similar quick tutorial / cheat sheet from one (or even more) of our more experienced playtesters :)

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