Communication between lords

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Communication between lords

It will be good to introduce way of communication with other players. Right now I cant find any name of players on the map, its small amount of info about players around me. Its hard to oversee anything in my neighborhood. Hope this will be developed in the future...

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Yes. We basically have a

Yes. We basically have a rough roadmap for the main feature groups. First, we want to show you how you can manage a feudum. Then we want to let you see how you can manage a couple of them and what issues having too much lands can brought to you. Once you're familiar with the feudum system, we want to add trading and basic communication, then diplomacy... and warfare.

I wouldn't easily change these priorities as this is a logical pattern where each subsequent part will expand the available perspectives to a new dimension. By the time its all there, you can actually form factions, wage war, explore, expand and exploit your neighborhood... and you can even exterminate rivals.

For all but the "main" aspects, priorities go quite variable. We can start adding the traits/advantage system, the feudum specialization system, dynastic customizations, or any '2.0" part you'd like to get sooner. Once we're past the initial bugfixes, I expect we'll put up some info about the possibilities.

Now that we have a client and we can start presenting every improvements or features to you, we expect it will be a lot more interactive to lay out the route to make it fit the most to all of you.

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Glad to hear this. I hardly

Glad to hear this. I hardly wait to taste it...

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