Phase 1

Topics related to the Phase 1 (Proof of Concept) development.

Development Phase 1 is over. We are now in Phase 2. 

Single Feudum Build - 0.6.1257

3/26/16 Build Update for Charlie 0.6.1257

Communication between lords

It will be good to introduce way of communication with other players. Right now I cant find any name of players on the map, its small amount of info about players around me. Its hard to oversee anything in my neighborhood. Hope this will be developed in the future...


So we have 8 grids for our starting place. How do we expand?


I do not understand the meaning of a lot of icons in the game. A description of them when hoovering over an icon would be nice. Or maybe a small video of someone explaining what every icon does in the game.


Read First: Bug Reporting

Dear Community,


first of all, thanks for reporting a bug! It's always welcome.

I assumed it can't hurt to give my 2 pence about bug reporting.

Early Access Single Feudum Management Build Find a Needle in the Haystack Contest

We're going to test your ability to find a needle in the proverbial haystack! We left a test function in the latest build. If you can find it and correctly post what it is here in this thread, we'll let you choose the starting ground rules for the next world we open up. Want more resources at the beginning. Sure. Less resources. Whatever you want. Want 10-minute ticks or 1-minute ticks. Your choice. So start playing around with the build and see if you can figure out what we left behind.

Features > Media Coverage

On the features tab if I choose the Media Coverage group I get the following message:

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

Registering - Email address


I just tried to create an account, and it failed as I typed my account name "Wiezy Krwi" and email address (eg [email protected]).
Failure message was that "Wiezy [email protected]" was not a valid email address.

Possible that there is a bug and all your email addresses are prefixed with the username?

Kind regards,
Wiezy Krwi

Update: Build #2 - Feudums Management

Okay, the time line says it's supposed to be ready on the 29th....where is it? Well the good news is that the build is complete. The bad news - at least for you guys - is that only the 2 Pence team has access to it at the moment. Give us a few days to work any bugs out, do our internal testing, and make sure its fit for public distribution. I promise you I'll give you some first impressions as soon as I can!

The Land of Hidden Treasures

Dear Ladies & Lords of the Kingdom,
To keep it short and to the point, this is something our Vanguards (Backers) might be already familiar with, as a few weeks back, we've started to share work-in-progress screenshots of various new features and scenes of the coming Feudum Management build so they could see our greatness we aren't just partying and playing other games all day but we are actually making progress.


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