Week 35

Week 35

Week 35. The next should be better.

Week 34

week 34

Week 34 - a quick look under the hood.

Week 33

Week 33 Development Diary. 

Week 32


Week 32. Back to being traditional.

Week 31

Medieval Surprise

A Short Report with a twist. Reluctantly brought to you by my not-so-reliable Internet Provider. ;) 


Week 28-30

Incoming transmission!

Week 27

Week 27. Did I just really say baby steps last time?

Week 26

From many aspects, we're in the eye of storm. Week 26; with a bonus retrospect.

Week 25


Summer Heat vs Feudums Team 2:0. Check our progress!

Week 24

Feudums Troops' Fashion Week

Business as usual. Integrated CoA Editor is coming soon, animations are in progress. It's still hot here.


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