Week 13

Week 13

Keeping our iceberg on track.

Week 12

A Week about Complications & Recovery.

Week 11

Week 11

With the team still waiting for the servers to be handed over, we're running with 'Plan B.' An extra pair of hands has joined us on stage! Vanguards may get a little present soon. All of this and some more in the current update. Continue for the details!

Week 10

Week 10

Happy Easter to all... even if a bit late. Week 10's notes should have been sent with a rabbit, but at least the report has finally arrived!

Week 8

Meet a Mule.

We've hit a few milestones, but we're not happy. Yet.

DevBlog Feedback

Someone tell Mat...

Week 7

The Beauty and the BBAP & many more.

Week 6

In this episode, magic meets science and the epic journey continues!

Week 5

Running around in the woods of various tasks, I've started to feel like we're in the calm before the storm, but this is a storm we're all waiting for: the building blocks of the CoA and the Player Module are now visibly getting together and with some luck, we can start privately testing them in a week or two. A short, but very refreshing storm to come!

Week 4

Still on the right path - with random encounters.


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