Week 32


It seems our week 31 video progress report wasn't as popular as I thought it would be  (actually, it performed worse than our old-fashioned updates). Along with the hilarious, but rather time consuming technical difficulties we ran into with video recording and publishing the last time, this is more than enough for me to bow to your wishes and go back to text reports. For now, at least.

So what did we do over the last several days?

Campfire Level 30+I've mostly continued working on the UI scenes and panels, and finished a couple new ones, as well as implemented a few additional generic UI components for various use cases. I hope all UI parts will be ready sometime next week, as Steve is also going to be ready with his things shortly. So after a final run on the reported issues (we have noted about 16 issues; most are trivial to correct) we could release the integrated CoA editor (hosting the fully featured in-game registration process) and continue working on the Game Server.

Localization has also been updated with a lot more badly constructed English descriptions, hints and errors, so Mark can take a look and correct all the grammar as soon as he has some time for it. This is also an important part for a mature-looking release.

There is an ongoing discussion about rules and play-style preferences over CoA developments in the Vanguard section, so if you're a Vanguard, please visit and share your 2 cents on the matter, it would be a great help. Thanks! Once there is no new opinions posted for a few days - and the topic is stalled -, we can take a final stand (at least for now :)) and create the initial assets and set the rules on the live server for the integrated CoA release. For all but this question, I've finalized the logical system behind the collectible items with Mark, so we can make it's debut in the (shortly) coming release.

More Troops
More troops & big sticks.  Welcome to the Feudums Military Magazine

Sándor, as always in the past few months, was busy painting his hand-drawn animations for the Game Map. The animated game map is another thing I can't wait to touch and tweak and share again.

Well, that is it, see you in a week. For that less than couple dozen who have actually watched our last week video progress report, thank you! Please protest for more of them! We've downloaded a lot of tools for it!!! ;)