Week 27

Welcome Back,

8 hours work...First and foremost, this is going to be the last update in August. Starting around August 20 (which is also a national holiday in Hungary), most team members are going to take a week or two off, Sándor, Gábor and me included. We'll return to full work on the first week of September. So don't panic if you don't hear from us for a bit - we're just on a trip to replenish our morale and motivation supply (and to pay some quality attention to our families before they revolt). :)

"- Ship like this be with you ’til the day you die.
- ‘Cause it’s a death trap."


Steve is going to stay and work on the servers (since he had his various shorter and longer vacations already), and Mark will be also around for emergency situations, so Feudums is not truly abandoned for a moment in this timeframe. We're also still working on the week before August 20, we just won't necessarily have the time to report about it before September. So you'll get a cumulative report then.

Are we there yet?
"Are we there yet?"

Weekly Report

  • For the past several weeks, Sándor has been doing his animations. He added some early versions of birds to the packet, and created various alternate versions for the existing types.
  • 8 hours sleepGábor spent yet another week on the platform integration code after we've found a few additional issues and use cases that should be better covered. It's now in the phase of last changes / optimizations. 
  • This means I couldn't add it to the client yet and our honorable Vanguards have yet to receive their update. Instead, I was working with Sándor on the animations and updated one of our BBAPs [Big Beautiful Animated Painting], which will most likely be included in the client update. I've also updated the login scene, and in the meantime, I was working with Gábor on the QA side of his code.
  • Steve was working on various parts of the server, and also updated the live site and platform with CoA related features for the upcoming client update. 

Checking Perspective & Key Frames

Next Week

  1. If I get the implementation code in a timely manner, I can still release a Vanguard client update before the vacations start. That's the primary goal for Gábor and me right now. Any update on this will be delivered in the Vanguards Area, so keep an eye on it.
  2. Sándor will try to finish his animations packet before the end of week, so I'll have a lot of toys to play with when the CoA update is out and I can go back to the game map (probably not before I come back in the beginning of September).
  3. Steve is already working on the new parts of the server, which he will also continue while we're being away. He might occasionally put the site under maintenance mode for updating it's parts, so be patient with him. :)


See you again in September!