Sick Leave

Hello Everyone!

As you have probably noticed, our activity level has dropped a bit these past few weeks.  It started out when each team member got sick pretty much at the same time.  Now, however, it's down to our leader, Mat, who continues to be side tracked by a lengthly illness.  Please join me in wishing him to "Get well soon!" 

At this point, we'll just break for the holidays and see you all next year.  I'll keep everyone updated on Mat's condition right here.

Even with Mat out, the rest of the team continues to make some progress - Steve is working on the server and Sandor is working up in-game event art.

Happy Holidays!




Thinking of you ... hope you're better soon

I had no clue he left the team. Hope he will get better and we will celebrate his return. I raise this pint of mead for him!

Thank you SJohund,

just to clarify, I didn't leave the team, just been on sick leave. I'm actually back for a while, as you can see from the more recent posts. :)

Hey Sjohund!


Glad to see you back!  :)