Full system update!

Scheduled update on February 22.

System Update on Feb 6

Scheduled update on February 6, 2020.

Everything is heating up!

It’s not only getter hotter outside but work on Feudums continues to heat up!

It's Getting Greener!

Seed-generated game world

April normally is known for the start of spring weather, a bunch of rain, and things getting greener every day.  Well, that's exactly what's happening at Feudums.  We are definately starting to "green up" as our project's roots get deeper.  It won't be long now till we see some things blooming!  Here is what we've been working on this past month.

In Like a Lion!!

March has come roaring in like a lion - and I'm not talking the weather (although I certainly could - it's been crazy in both the States and Europe!)

There is a lot of progress we want to show!

Where does the time go?

Just where does the time go?   Another four weeks have flown by.  As usual, we've been alternating between being sick and working hard!

  1. Graphics: Mat and Sándor met in Budapest (as he was visiting the country); the topics included our plans for additional graphic work and some fine-tuning of his existing arts.

Server Side:

January Update

week 34

The Vanguards have been privy to our work schedule but we wanted to let everyone in on what we've been doing the past month.

We continue to move forward on the Server and Client fronts with a focus on eliminating technical debts on the the client side and establishing production quality server-side codes.

Entering 2018 (Week "39")


Week 39 ... or Week 47 - depends on whether we give numbers to work breaks and such or not. Wait ... don't confuse me!

Anyway, it's 2018, and we're still here ... whatever bloody week this is.

Sick Leave

Hello Everyone!

As you have probably noticed, our activity level has dropped a bit these past few weeks.  It started out when each team member got sick pretty much at the same time.  Now, however, it's down to our leader, Mat, who continues to be side tracked by a lengthly illness.  Please join me in wishing him to "Get well soon!" 

At this point, we'll just break for the holidays and see you all next year.  I'll keep everyone updated on Mat's condition right here.

Week 36-38

Plague Doctor

Hallo! Anybody still here?


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