Week 34

Week 34 - Login
a 99.9% done login page (apart of some padding inconsistency). 

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the small delay in the weekly report; Monday was a national holiday here - our commemoration of the '56 uprising against the Soviets -  so with both kids at home and rain all day, I couldn't find the time to make this report any sooner.

Anyway, the progress:

  • We spent a good part of the week testing the integrated communication, fixing server side issues and unifying the user workflow on both ends.
  • On client side, I've finished updating all scenes related to user workflows and integrated most of the platform functions. A few (of the least tricky) are left, then it's done - and when I say it's done, it's not for the current iteration. This part will be done for the 1.0 goals - so no legwork here for the next some interations (well, except maybe some fixing works. That's inevitable.)
  • Localization has been once again updated with new content. A few are still left, but these are now the finishing touches. 

Week 34  - Registration
That's the fully working registration panel with input validation and the usual useful thingies.

  • I've finally moved to the CoA Editor scene and started to upgrade it to work fully online. I had to recover some broken scripts and references here which I sadly didn't notice appearing during the last updates of 3rd party libs and Unity (you're barely getting notified by the Unity IDE when shit like this hits the fan). It's been quite frustrating as I left a working editor behind and returned to a complete mess. But once the references were corrected (and all the lost settings were replaced), it's good again. The code itself didn't break.
  • I consider the UI coherent enough now about ... everywhere but the CoA Editor. I'll try to bring it closer to the general look and feel in the next few days. Wish me luck, as this is the most time consuming task from the remaining to-dos. Once it's done, we're good.

Week 34 - Player Profile
Player Profile. Almost entirely done (bar a few, substitute graphical assets and about 15 mins of code tweaks)

  • The admin views are currently being updated to let Mark do bulk operations on the 500+ collectibles we have; otherwise, it'd take him days to set everything as he previously sketched it up. There will be some changes compared to the previous CoA Editor, as locking mechanisms and some decisions about the CoA parts will be making their debut.
  • Sándor and I are now also actively working on the next iteration's game map.

Week 34 - Built-In Bug Reporting
Built-in Bug Hunting minigame tool. It's firing reports directly to the face of the team. Accessible from everywhere.

Also, I was hesitating for weeks to show anything about the backoffice / admin views for multiple reasons - it's not fancy, it might pose some security risks to show internal thingies, etc - , but... what harm could be done here, compared to what we're already past on this project... right? :)

Week 34 - Admin 1
Yep. Like I said it's not fancy, but this isn't the point here. The point is: it's the server backend feeding the CoA Editor. For real.

That's all for now. As you can see, the end of this phase is coming soon. See you in a week!