Week 31

- I've just had a test run of everything I've changed today. I decided it can't wait any longer as I was feeling that I'm already starting to lose track of all the smaller changes in the deepest layers, so I wanted to see all the sudden issues coming to light, fix them and commit the code before I proceed. I was prepared to fight off dozens of issues in the next few hours. Guess what - it had a flawless run. No errors. Not even a warning.
- You're dreaming, Mat. Wake up, and turn on your computer.

- friday night chat with another indie developer



This time, I figured I'll be super short on the writing. I mean, you're reading a lot of stuff about how we're making progress each week. Besides hearing the same mantra is nearly not as super exciting as it's been, like, 10-15 weeks, I'm also pretty sure that after these ~30 weeks, most of you could pretty much make a more or less accurate transcript of my updates even without reading any further.

So, yes. Talking about progress and reading about progress gets boring after time.

Login Scene, v3
Login Layout, v3 (Phase 1 login and my plans around ~week 10, anyone?). Well, don't waste your time to memorize it, as there is v4 already.

Of course it still doesn't counter the fact that we're indeed making progress, but it certainly makes it ... less interesting. I'm done with my communication sub-system related errands and am now getting the UI layouts done, but ... Well, yeah, that's what I was talking about.

Uh, okay. Let me show you instead.

The W31 Records (backup link)

That's the working communication module (talking on websockets to the development server). You can see a communication bar on bottom left (so you can check what's going on - or you can just minimize it if you couldn't care less. That tiny cloud icon, btw, is color coded and shows if there is no connection, if you're connected or authenticated. Traffic is color-coded too based on the result. On the right side sits a notification panel that can present info, warning or error messages, or pending messages (about situations still being evaluated) to keep you in the loop. Some of those can also automatize actions to you (like retrying an action on tapping).

and then you... oops. Wrong pass. <PAUSES> What is my password?

You probably missed it but there was a version check as soon as the communication was established - it flashed in and out on bottom left in a second. This check would present you a warning if you're below the recommended client version, or would stop loadin', should you update your client first as you're below the required minimum version. It's directed from the server.

Splash Screen Preview - 0.1.3
Splash got Hulk's skin. Don't make it wait for too long.

If everything goes well - and it did in the video - you can now enter the Main Screen. This can work in two contexts: pre-authentication; this is the interface where you can do the typical user stuffs - login, register, or recover your account. The other context is post-authentication; where it acts as a Main Men... hey, let's rather check the background! That's our BBAP (Big Beautiful Animated Painting) system in the works. The "animation clip" is still a bit lame - my bad - but at least you can see what BBAP is going to do. There are a lot of utility features around this scene, but what you're probably more interested about is actually logging in and looking around.

Well, once you're in...

A-ha! I always knew my pass was 1-2-3-...wait. 

To be Continued

StagAw, what a cliffhanger. Thanks for reading (and watching) our short report. Stay with us to discover more next week!