August 2022 Update: New News!

Feudums is proud to announce our latest news! 

You now have the ability to Wishlist (alternatively: steam://advertise/473750) us out on Steam! As new games with a high number of initial wishlists are usually rewarded by Steam's algorithm (a higher chance to present visitors with matching preferences) and as wishlisting is at no cost to you, if you are interested in our game, we would be honored to see you and your circle of friends do this for us!

In addition, after intensive testing by our dedicated Vanguard members, our Warfare Lite build is also going public! Join a world and fight your neighbors! This build allows players to build, battle, and raid with two dozen different types of military units.  Can you balance your feudums' economic needs with its defensive needs or agressive raiding behaviour? Will you use your armies to raid your opponents or to defend your borders? This build layers on the complexity to the game and starts to test your strategic thinking in a more competitive manner. Be sure to check it out!

Screenshot from Warfare 1 Build

What's next?

As we move forward in our development, we will be adding some more details to the warfare experience as well as improving the onboarding experience for new players.  As usual, we will hold a public vote in the near future on where we should put our efforts for our next milestone. Will you vote for diplomacy or vassalage? Multiple feudums management, sieges, or something else?

Come and join the discussion on Discord! Feudums is a game designed by gamers for gamers and you drive the finished product as much as we do. 


Don't forget to try the new build, join us on discord if you haven't already, and most importantly: wishlist us on Steam! Tell your family and friends too.

Thank you, and see you online!