The Basics: What's a Feudum?


What exactly is a “feudum?”  Any guesses?

Feudums is our MMO-grand strategy game in development.  A lot of folks are confused by the name though. 

Feudums (pronounced "Few-Dums") is an old word and one that doesn’t get tossed around much these days. The spelling and pronunciation seem to be close to “feudal” which most people would recognize as referring to the Middle Ages and medieval times.  If you guessed that, you are correct.  

By definition, a feudum is a recognized substitute for the word “Fief.” A fief is an area of land ruled by a lord in medieval times.

noun \ˈfēf\
Simple Definition of FIEF
: a large area of land that was ruled over by a lord in medieval times
: a feudal estate

In the game Feudums, you will assume the role of a lord or lady fighting to become High King of the land.  As the game name suggests, you take your land and work to turn it into a functioning feudum and eventually multiple feudums.  Each working feudum will have certain characteristics - it must have a manor house (its administrative headquarters) and all land within a feudum must physically touch.  Beyond that, the shape of the land or what’s in it is entirely up to its ruler.

Areas that are not inside of a declared feudum are considered undeveloped lands. The game refers to them as “waste grounds,” and they do not generate income for the player even if adjacent to your lands.  Players will want to develop new land quickly, start collecting resources and taxes, in order to maximize their income and economy. 

A feudum in the game and its most important indicators

A feudum in the game

And, as a side note, we know the correct plural of Feudum is Feuda. However, Feuda as a game name just didn't sound right. Using a grammatically incorrect version seemed to be more impactful for our Dark Ages inspired title.

Feudums is currently in development and several milestone builds allow for limited game play.  If you are interested, just download the client and sign up!


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