Next Feature Group #3

It's your turn! While we're working on streamlining and enriching the existing features and eliminating reported bugs, it's time to start preparing the next feature group to implement.

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Your turn - Community PoolWe have exciting potential to explore multiple new directions, with many of our core implementations of previous community poll winners ripe to be expanded. You can review the roadmap, or explore different feature groupings of the core promises on our about page.

It is important to note that you're not voting on functions, but on their current priorities, and not every option is listed to prevent decision paralysis. All core game features will eventually debut in the game, we simply want them to appear in the order most desired by our community. :)

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Please simply order your choices by priority (top item is the most important). Use the handle at the left side of each item and don't forget to click on Vote to finalize your priorities.

The results of this poll will be available after Sunday, June 30, 2024 - 01:00.


Best way to generate narrative influence and impact is to increase ways to interact with other players. That said, while vassalage and events would be cool, we have waited too long to lay sieges.